Selecting a Remodeling Contractor

Your home or your place of business is bound to be a space that you are possessive about; especially so, when the remodelers and builders move in. It is at this point that you are most anxious about the construction work being carried out at your place of business or your home.
It is quite possible that your anxiety stems from the unknown; questions pertaining to your remodeling or renovation vision for your home or place of business and your remodeling contractor’s ability to deliver on your vision are bound to crop up. However; you can put these concerns to rest when you hire a seasoned and skilled remodeling contractor to work on your home or your place of business.
Selecting a remodeling contractor that can deliver bang for your buck is easier said than done; taking into consideration that remodeling contractors are a dime a dozen. So how does one pick out the best from among the rest; read further for answers.


Your home and/or place of business are among the most important assets that you own. As such; you do not hand over your assets to just about anyone. When hiring remodeling contractors to recreate your home or place of business according to your vision; insist on a thorough vetting process. Without a doubt; you should be able to insist on working with remodelling contractors that have a track record for client satisfaction, understand the importance of communication with the client, have no record of unethical business practices and have a portfolio to indicate that they are the service providers to deliver the remodelled home or place of business that you are paying for.


There is no dearth of flash in the pan remodeling contractors that are here today and gone tomorrow; all the while promising outstanding remodeling services. This is exactly why you cannot afford to undervalue experience when selecting a remodeling contractor to work on your home or commercial space.

An efficient remodeling contractor will have a track record of efficiency over the course of multiple years. The very same contractor will have a reputation that attracts clients, unlike others that get by on aggressive self-promotion. Experience in providing remodeling services over a course of multiple years is indicative of consistently good performances that help a company stay afloat in a very competitive market. When vetting a remodeling contractor to take care of your residential or commercial space remodeling needs; insist on hiring remodeling contractors with a reasonable amount of experience.

Client Communication

While communicating with your remodeling contractor should be a priority from the beginning to the end of a remodeling project; your remodeling contractor should prioritize communicating with you on the same level.

A common cliché in marketing states that; ‘the client is God’ and while it may not be literally so; your remodeling contractor should understand the importance of keeping channels of communication open at all times to be able to understand and deliver your vision for your newly remodeled home or place of business.

A Portfolio

A true understanding of the skill sets and capabilities of the remodeling contractor you choose to hire; is within the pages of a portfolio. A professional portfolio is one of the most effective ways to gauge the nature of services remodeling contractors provide. A portfolio enables you to make a choice based on the ability of a remodeling contractor to deliver the aesthetics, functionality and safety requirements that you expect from your remodeled residence or place of business.

Additional points to bear in mind while selecting a remodeling contractor are…

• Work only with seasoned contractors who have built up positive working relationships with vendors and suppliers to ensure that your remodeling project is brought to fruition without interruption to construction work.

• Deal only with remodeling contractors that have a clean slate without a prior record of unethical business practices.

• Ensure that your remodeling contractor fully comprehends your vision for your remodeled home or commercial space before taking up the project.

• If available; study client reviews for an in-depth understanding of the quality of services provided by remodeling contractors that you have shortlisted for your home or commercial space remodeling project.

• It is always a good thing to have multiple options to choose from before you make the final choice from among the many remodeling contractors at your disposal.


Footnotes: For residents of South Florida; Rapid Constructions has always been the entity to rely on for home and residential remodeling. Rapid Construction brings years of experience, excellent client communication skills, an extensive portfolio, ethical business practices and stellar workmanship to the table for any variation of home or commercial space remodeling.

2018 Hurricane Preparedness Update

Fortunately, the one thing about a hurricanes is that we now have advanced notice and can be prepared well in advance of an approaching significant hurricane.  This provides us with adequate time to board up our windows, purchase fuel, stock up on groceries and water and do any last minute preparations. However, many people simply wait to the last minute and often times find themselves scrabbling for plywood at Home Depot or Lowes.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Hurricane and Flood Concerns

There are many concerns that a hurricane brings to South Florida.  Whether it is flooding in areas of Dade-County, Miami, washing away of the beach in Fort Lauderdale or causing structural damage in Palm Beach County we need to take all of these possibilities into account when planning.  The proper planning can make a big difference in protecting both property and wellness.  We often don’t worry about floods causing more than structural damage but floods are actually the cause of many deaths throughout the United States.  Floods cause a mean of 100 deaths every year in the U.S. alone. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do to prevent rising water.  The South Florida Water Management District does all it can to control the tide of flood water. However, there is only so much they can do since there is only so many places you can direct the water. We have all seen the images of other parts of our Country were people have had to take refuge on the roof of their homes.

Loss of Power during Hurricanes

The significant effects of hurricanes are high winds and a lot of rain.  We all see that our power distribution system that is provided by Florida Power Light (FPL) are vulnerable to falling tree.   We have lost power from tropical storms so it isn’t unusual to be without power for a couple days do to a category 2 or greater hurricane.  Call Rapid Construction at 954-324-2390 and ask us about installing a whole house generator. This type of generators have come way down in price and can provide you with continuous power during and more importantly after the hurricane has dissipated.  Being without power when our temperatures can reach 90 plus Fahrenheit can endanger the lives of both humans and pets.  We have unfortunately witnessed the tragic results of people incorrectly wiring their own generators or placing their generators inside their home.  Always remember to place your generator outside your home at least 15 feet from any window, door, or opening that might cause the deadly exhaust to seep into your home.  Again, it is never acceptable to run a generator inside your home or garage!

Flood damage from a storm or hurricane

The very low price of expert flood restoration service is much less than the general price tag of long-term moisture in a building. Don’t let the water sit in your house for long!  Call an expert company like Rapid Construction to remove the water and start the repair process immediately.  You are causing exponentially more damage to your home the longer you let the water rest and “wick” up the walls, furniture, insulation and structural components that will mold or rust.

Hurricane Shutters and Impact Windows

You really only have four choices to protect your windows in South Florida.

  1. You can purchase plywood and secure it by screws or nails onto your house.
  2. You can purchase hurricane shutters. In general, you must keep in mind that rolling hurricane shutters have the greatest initial cost, but offer the very best protection that can be found on the market. Then let’s look at the entire cost for repairs versus the sum of your insurance deductible. Storm shutters are another means to protect glass windows.
  3. You can upgrade your windows to impact windows. We recently did a full review that you can watch here, it was entitled “The Benefits of Impact Windows“.
  4. Do nothing and hope that the storm doesn’t damage your house.  We don’t recommend this option!

There are many ways you can prepare your home in advance of a hurricane.  Removing debris or objects that fly into your home is a great start.  We recommend that you talk with your neighbors to see how you can collectively help each other.  We have even issued portable “walkie talkie” two way radios to friends and family in the area so that they could communicate with each other during the storm.  Being able to communicate during the storm is vital and having two way radios is an excellent method of communicating with each other even when cell phone service goes down.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or recommendations for our upcoming hurricane season.

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Remodeling Of A Home Is Best Done By Professionals

Remodeling your home can be quite an experience both emotionally and financially. There are a lot of things to worry about like whether the job will be completed within the stipulated time, if the expenses will remain within the budget and if the outcome will be as expected. Some professionals offer residential remodeling services in South Florida, who are good at what they do and will keep their promises. It is essential that remodeling is done by a team of experienced professionals because most times they are required to work within an already existing design and that could be challenging. Only those with great skill and expertise will be able to give creative solutions in such a situation. We are specialized remodeling contractor serving Pembroke Pines and the surrounding South Florida community.

Remodeling Helps To Personalize Homes

When you invest in a condominium, sometimes it may be necessary to make some changes so that you could make it more personal. Many of us have a vision as to what we may want our home or living space to look and feel like. Some of the teams of experts who specialize in condo remodeling in South Florida, USA will undoubtedly be able to bring to reality all your dreams. Be it remodeling your bathrooms, your kitchen, bedrooms or even changing your flooring or the wall paint or wallpaper; you can be sure that you will be able to avail of expert services. There are so many new things in the market and these South Florida, experts will be able to find you just what you like and within the budget you have in mind.

Rapid Construction, a South Florida Licensed Contractor is highly experienced in the home remodeling industry & offers the best home remodeling services in Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Southwest Ranches, Miramar and the surrounding South Florida area.

You should consult us for house redesigning and other construction services.  We are always ready to help build your dream home one brick at a time. Check out building a custom home in South Florida.


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