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We have training, knowledge and ability to handle any home or commercial rehabilitation or preservation project. We offer full and complete general maintenance and free quotes and consultation. No job is too big or small for us; from repairing a pipe, to installing new roofing, we can do it all!


Rapid Construction sets itself apart by its guarantee of client satisfaction through its full-service property rehabilitation and property preservation structure. We offer complete general maintenance, free quotes and FREE Consultation. No job is too big or small. From repairing a pipe to installing new roofing, we do it all!

The Rapid Construction Staff is highly goal-driven. Our clients’ time is our time and we take it very seriously. We aim to deliver on-time quality work. Allow us to make your dreams a reality! Following is the list of our services.


Retail Office Build-Outs

Specializing in retail and office build outs in South Florida, we complete the entire build out or renovation for our clients. Our goal is to get our clients’ office up and running quickly.

Code Violations

Specializing in correcting Florida Building Code violations for residential, commercial and industrial properties, our licensed code violation architects are experts in repairing building and zoning violations.

Bathroom Remodeling

We provide a wide variety of bathroom remodel and repair projects. From basic bathroom repairs to full bathroom remodels, Rapid Construction does it all.

Design and Build

Our Design Build process — streamlined and matched only by our longstanding relationships with the best in the business. With a single point of contact for all phases of the project, our design/build services take care of everything under one roof.

Impact Doors/Windows

When it comes to interior design, we hand-pick options to fit our clients taste and needs. Windows and shutters are just as important as any other facet of the interior design process. Visit our impact windows page to learn about all the benefits of impact windows.

Kitchen Remodeling

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We are moving forward in the demolition world with our expert techniques. We employ the latest technological approach to every demolition project, utilizing only the best possible machines available.


Creating a space for a bathroom or adding a full two story addition? Rapid Construction does it all. We take this responsibility very seriously and, with our experienced Design/Build team.

New Construction

We provides the design team and the owner with critical information for the evaluation of the life safety aspects of the construction project.

Condo Remodels

Rapid Construction provides a condominium renovation and remodeling services. Our Team initiates ideas, offers professional advice and/or plans with you the concepts you wish to bring to fruition.

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