What is the Process of Remodeling Your Home in Cooper City, Florida?

Are you thinking of remodeling your home in Cooper City, Florida? Read on to learn all about the process of house remodeling so you can make a plan.

Building codes have been around since 1758 B.C.

The first building code to ever exist came from King Hammurabi of Babylon. The Hammurabi code was put in place to help encourage builders to create safe structures. The Hammurabi code states that if a builder’s house falls down and kills the residents, the architect too must also be “slain”.

Today, building codes have the same purpose of promoting safety. Even though you own your home, you still have to follow Florida’s building codes. As a result, certain home construction projects will require you to get permission.

This article will help you understand how to apply for a permit and what to do if they reject you. We’ll also explain who you need approval from and the best ways to get it.

Read on to learn about the approval process for your house remodeling project.

When Do I Need a Permit?

Before you seek out a permit, make sure you can afford all of the work you need to be done. Write down a renovation budget to determine what upgrades you’re currently able to afford.

Keep in mind that every community will have different permit rules. Just because your last house didn’t require a permit for certain renovations, doesn’t mean this house will be the same.

In most cases, you can go online to explore your community’s specific permit and inspection requirements. Here are a few home renovation projects that usually require a permit:

  • Taking out the main wall
  • Making new openings for doors/windows
  • Installing a fireplace
  • Installing a new AC or furnace
  • Tall fences
  • New home additions
  • Large demolition projects
  • Installing new electrical wiring
  • Expanding your house
  • Changing your roofline
  • Deck building
  • Major plumbing projects

If the renovations on your house will change its structure, you probably need a permit. If you don’t want to search online, you can call the permit office directly. When you call the office, let them know you want to speak with an inspector.

Many people are afraid to call a permit office because they don’t want to get in trouble. It can help to remember that safety is the number one goal of the permit office.

Take your time asking any questions you have about the permit requirements. The inspectors will be happy to hear you care about doing things properly. Knowing when (or if) you need a permit will save you time and money.

Next, we’ll discuss who will be reviewing your permit request.

Check with Your Neighborhood Association

Depending on where you live in Cooper City Florida, you might need your neighborhood to approve your plans. You’ll want approval from your neighborhood before you submit your permit application.

If you own an apartment home or condo, you’ll have to submit your construction plans to the apartment board. Condominium and apartment board members will want to know every detail of your remodeling project. They will take into account the permits you need, the noise you’ll be creating and the safety of your plans.

Residential homeowners usually need their homeowners’ association to approve renovation plans. Homeowners associations or HOA’s will be happy to approve projects that increase the value of the neighborhood. If your renovations are safe and make your house look better, chances are the HOA will give their stamp of approval.

Having your neighborhood approve your plans is an important first step. Once you have the green light from your neighborhood you can start the process of acquiring your permits.

Next, we’ll discuss who will be reviewing your permit requests.

Who Approves House Remodeling Permits

Once you know the permits you’ll need, you need to request approval.

Keep in mind that every permit or building code guideline originates from the International Building Code (IBC). The purpose of the IBC is to protect your health and safety by creating requirements for home renovation projects.

The Building Department in Cooper City, Florida is responsible for reviewing every permit request. To promote well-being and safety, the permits you submit must follow Florida’s specific building code requirements.

Before your permit receives approval it’ll have to go through the processing requirements.

Let’s move on to discuss what you should do if your permit request doesn’t receive approval.

Acceptions and Rejections Timeline

The Florida Building Code requires cities to review permit requests in a timely manner. The Building Department in Cooper City has to process permits within 30 days after you submit your application.

If your permit application doesn’t pass approval, the Building Department will contact you directly. They will let you know in detail why your application didn’t pass and what corrections you need to make.

If you receive a rejection, you will be able to reapply once you correct every issue. Once again the building department has a maximum of 30 days to review your second application.

If the Building Department approves your application, they will notify you immediately. Upon approval of your plans, the permit becomes ready for issuance. Being ready for issuance means construction can begin on your home.

Now that you know more about the permit process you can begin your application. When you receive approval, you’ll need to find quality contractors to perform the work.

Now we can explain what you should look for when hiring contractors.

Hire Expert Contractors

Finding the right contractor is about more than getting the lowest price. Excellent contractors will operate with integrity and flexibility.

You need a team of experts who can carefully listen to your construction plans and then make them a reality.

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