What is a Build Out? Everything You Need to Know about Commercial Retail Build Outs

What is a Build Out? Everything You Need to Know

What is a build out? If you don’t know anything about retail construction, the build-out process can be difficult. Read on to learn everything you need to know.

Your online business has grown and you think now is the time to consider a physical retail space. According to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) having a brick and mortar location can actually increase your online traffic.

The best way to venture in the physical retail space is to look for a space that is perfect for a build out. What is a build out? Can’t you simply buy a space and move in? Not quite.

We’ve put together a guide to help you get started with your first commercial retail build-out project. We will explain the process timing and some important topics you need to consider.

What is a Build Out?

A lot of commercial real estate buildings begin as a large empty space with not much more than four walls and windows and doors. The space then gets finished to meet a particular business’s needs.

This process of finishing the building is referred to as a “build out” in the commercial real estate development industry.

Tenant and Landlord Negotiations

Before you can begin any build out, you need to have the approval of the landlord or owner of the building. You will need to agree on what improvements will get done to the building.

You need to decide who will pay for the changes. Then which party will take charge of the work getting done. Finally, you will need to know what you are allowed or required to remove on the day you decide to vacate the space.

Before you begin anything, you need to have these details worked out and included in your lease. These agreements need to be in writing so there is no confusion later on.

Landlord Takes Control

If you agree to have the landlord take control of the build out, it makes the process turn-key for you. They will manage the architectural plans and contractors. You will save time and money not having to manage the project yourself.

The downside is that you also may not have any say in the materials or timing. This puts you at the mercy of the landlord.

Tenant Takes Control

Taking over the build out yourself gives you complete control. When you handle the build out you get a say in design, scheduling, and materials used.

Zoning and Permitting

You and landlord now agree on what is going to get done, who is in charge, and who’s paying. Construction can’t start just yet though.

Before any work starts, zoning and permitting approvals need to be obtained. Zoning is how we make sure that certain types of businesses are located in the right areas.

This is why you see property zoned for industrial, commercial, or residential. No one wants to buy a home and end up with a factory next to them.

Permitting approval ensures that future building plans conform to building codes. The codes make sure that structural and safety standards get achieved.

Hire a Professional

You cannot move forward with your project without these approvals. The best thing you can do is hire a professional contractor who has familiarity with the county and city offices.

The permitting process can take months, and that’s knowing the people and the system. Having an experienced contractor will help your project go through the process smoothly. They can inform you of the local regulations because they work with them on a daily basis.

Under Built

Commercial construction can get costly quick and it can get tempting to cut corners on materials. Remember that lower quality materials won’t last and send a message about the quality of your brand.

If you are doing a retail build out, this could undermine the shopping experience for your customers. Your customers may not specifically notice and think about the cheap materials, but they will get an overall impression of the quality.

If you find that the cost of the entire build out is too much consider dividing the project into phases. This lets you ease up on the bottom line without sacrificing quality.

Over Built

It can get tempting to try and achieve all of your dreams in your build out. You need to create an honest list of items you need vsindustry want.

Remember that major changes like structural, plumbing, and flooring will bump up the budget fast. These changes may not be worth it if your lease is only a few years.

The longer your lease is in a space, the more likely you will want to make expensive major changes. Compare the financial investment of the change to the influence that change has on your business.

Hiring a professional contractor can help you create a design suitable for your use and time in the space. This can help you save money by providing suggestions from their experience.


The architect will create plans for you to approve and discuss with the landlord. Once you and the landlord approve, the architect will create the construction documents for permitting.

This process can take two to three months. This is assuming there aren’t many changes to the plans and everyone readily agrees.


The permitting phase can vary greatly depending on your plans and the municipality. A good starting point is four to six weeks.


This phase begins as soon as the contractor obtains permitting approval from the local government entity. The time construction takes depends entirely on the size of your project.

If you have a basic small office build out it can take as little as two to three months. If you have a detailed 15,000 square foot retail build out it can take six months or more to complete.

Finishing and Fixtures

Once the major construction completes, the finishes and fixtures are next. This phase involves installing fans, lighting, or faucets. It can also include installing your retail furniture like shelving or cashier’s area.

This phase typically takes two to three weeks. However, it can take longer if you decide to do a walk through and request additional changes.

Your Commercial Build Out Plan Elements

The build out plan involves more than just where you want to place desks or display shelving. It also includes the technical parts of your space like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.


If you have no experience in building design work, it is well worth it to hire an architect. This will take up about 20% of your budget.

However, it will save you more than that in mistakes and time later on. An architect will give you a design that works and complies with code.

An architect firm will know how to combine both your desired customer experience with building requirements such as ADA requirements.

They will help you utilize existing electrical and plumbing to help save money on the construction phase. Why move the bathroom if you can design the space to work with where it is currently located?


The best way to keep the budget down is to use the existing electrical wiring. This isn’t always possible though.

Maybe the wiring is old and needs replacing. Maybe your business has additional power supply needs such as a hair salon or dog groomer.

Let’s assume you can use the existing wiring, you may need to add on to it. This happens if you want custom “on brand” lighting to highlight your products.

Keep in mind that making major changes to the electrical requires additional permitting. This will add time and cost to your project.


Is there a bathroom in the space? Do you need a bathroom? Can the bathroom stay where it is located?

Before you decide to move the bathroom, see if you can give it a fresh coat of paint and work the rest of your design around it. This will save you a ton on your budget.

If there is no bathroom, how will this affect your business? If it is a retail location, you may not have the option of choosing to not have a bathroom.

With no bathroom, your customers will leave if they require one. Your employees will also have to close the store so they can leave to use one elsewhere.

Another thing to consider is if your buildout is happening in a larger building. When this happens, you may not have a choice of where the bathroom is located.

This happens because the plumbing is already in place for the surrounding retail spaces. Your build out will need to tie into the existing system.

Ceilings and Floors

What you do with the ceiling and floors should be all cosmetic. Hopefully, you negotiated for the landlord to be the one responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of the main building elements, including the ceiling and flooring.

Your budget should include the finishing you plan to do on the floor. This could involve varnishing the existing concrete, carpeting, or tiling.


The best way to avoid HVAC costs is to have the landlord take responsibility for this system. You could also agree to pay for it, and then request free or discounted rent in exchange.

The thought process here is that the HVAC system is a major part of the existing building. The landlord would need to maintain it anyway. It is not a specific change to suit your business.

This expense can be relatively small requiring just the upgrade of an AC unit. Or it could be quite expensive requiring replacement of the entire duct work.


A typical retail space will use about 20% of your budget for the display fixtures. The cost of your display is factored by the quality, materials, and space you are going to outfit.

Using a common wood will be a cheaper option than a rarer wood like Brazilian teak. A simple square or rectangle space will be cheaper than a space with lots of corners and bends.

It will take more time and materials to custom build your display fixtures to fit around the unique shapes of the space. This is where a professional can help save you money.

They can make sure your space has a creative design to work with the shape. This will reduce the amount of effort needed to create the fixtures.


When you get to the painting stage it means you are almost done with the project! When it comes to painting, flat will be cheaper than going with a semi-gloss. The darker the color you choose, the more coats it will take to make it look even and good.

Start Your Build Out Process

By now you should have a good idea about what is a build out. The best thing you can do is enlist the help of a professional to set a budget. Once you have a number, you can start to look for spaces that suit your needs.

Look for retail spaces that are already zoned for your particular use. This will narrow down your search.

Once you find a potential space, discuss with the landlord any potential changes you wish to make. You’ll want to negotiate with the landlord to help save you money by having the landlord take responsibility for at least a portion of the changes.

If you intend to make major construction and structural changes then your best option is to hire an architect. They will guide you through the design process so your build out complies with the local codes.

After you have a design everyone agrees on, it’s time for permitting. The permits are your contractor’s ticket to start work.

After the construction, the final touches will get done. Then the only thing left is for you to move your business in and open your doors for business.

We’ve made the process sound rather quick but remember that it can take several months for completion. You will also want to pad your budget and schedule for any unforeseen problems.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed about? That’s ok, let us guide you through the process.

Everything You Need to Know About Home Renovation Planning in Cooper City, Florida

Guide to Home Renovation Planning in Cooper City, Florida

Are you planning a home remodel in or near Cooper City, Florida? This renovation planning guide will explain the entire process from start to finish.

With home prices and interest rates on the rise, renovation is a popular choice to update a home. In 2017, more than 207,000 homes were flipped which was the largest number in a decade.

Florida falls in the top 10 states in America for house flipping. The average profit on a house flip in Florida is nearly $60,000 with a return on investment of over 80 percent.

Flipping houses is just one reason why homeowners choose to renovate. Other homeowners simply want a fresh look in their house or to increase resale value.

Either way, renovation planning is critical to get the most bang for your buck. Read on if you are considering a home remodel in Cooper City, Florida. Explore the ultimate renovation planning guide that explains the process from start to finish.

Establish a Renovation Budget

You cannot start a renovation project without setting a budget. This is a critical step so you can determine what specific upgrades you can afford.

Another factor in the budget step is where the money is coming from. Are you pulling the funds from your savings account or do you need to apply for a loan?

There are many different types of loans that people use for home renovations. Home equity loans and personal loans are popular choices. However, some people withdraw money from their 401(k) to fund the renovation.

Create a Renovation Wish List

Now is the time to brainstorm and write down all the renovation projects that you would like to undertake. Experts recommend prioritizing the projects that generate the greatest return on investment.

Every room in your house is not created equal. Remodeling the kitchen, for example, increases resale value more than updating a bedroom or living room.

Other projects that rank high in terms of return on investment are upgrading the bathroom, adding a deck, and finishing the basement. Of course, quality of life improvements should be considered if you will continue living in the home. However, it is always financially prudent to consider resale value as well.

Create a Detailed Renovation Estimate

The next step in renovation planning is to see how far you can stretch your budget. Your renovation wish list is now ready, but you need to price out each individual project to see what can be done.

You can estimate most projects with online research. If this is unsuccessful, you can reach out to contractors for a quotation.

The more detailed your estimate is, the more accurate it will be. Your estimate can separate material and labor if you are contemplating doing some projects yourself.

It is also recommended to estimate conservatively so you do not go over budget. Some people like to add 10 to 20 percent to their estimate to capture unforeseen costs.

Set a Timeline

This step is especially important for house flips. When flipping a house, the longer it takes the less profit you make. This is because you are likely making mortgage or property tax payments while retaining ownership of the house.

Even those who are staying in the home often have deadlines to meet. Some homeowners vacate the property while major renovations are being performed. If so, they can likely stay away for a limited period of time.

If contractors are used, they need to be aware of your timeline. The contractor may need to hire additional hands if the timeline is especially tight.

Shop Around for Contractors

Once the budget is established and the projects are selected, it is time to select contractors. This step requires thorough research in order to pick the best contractor.

The good news is that in the digital era there are numerous resources to shop for a reputable contractor. Start off by checking the Better Business Bureau and ensure there are no complaints made against the company.

In addition, check the contractor’s website and look for customer testimonials. You can also search for customer feedback on a company’s social media pages.

Another tip is to shop around and get competitive quotations from multiple companies. This way, you can be certain you received a good price on the work being performed.

Make sure that contractor has current licensing with the state of Florida and is adequately insured. Also, ask the contractor for professional references and make time to contact them.

Before signing a contract, hold an interview with the contractor. Ask any and all questions that you may have and see if a good working relationship can be formed.

Read the Fine Print

The terms and conditions of the contract are crucial for renovation planning. There are a number of important elements in the contract.

For starters, what percentage of the payment is due at contract signature? Many contractors require at least a 50% payment at this time so they can purchase materials for the renovation.

In addition, carefully read the sections that cover termination. There should be detailed instructions in the event that either party needs to walk away from the project. The termination section should cover any cancellation fees, the company’s policy on refunds and a timeline should cancellation move forward.

Another important area to read up on is how changes are made. If a part or color you wanted is unavailable, how do you want the contractor to handle it?

This section of the contract provides instructions on who authorizes changes to the scope of work. Do you want final say on all changes or give this authority to the contractor?

Lastly, the contract should lay out the project schedule. Most importantly, make sure that the project completion date meets your expectations.

Renovation Planning – Wrapping It Up

Renovation planning requires extensive research and hard work to make sure your project goes smoothly. Steps like creating a detailed renovation estimate take time and effort.

Selecting the contractor is an important milestone in renovation planning. This choice dictates whether high-quality, efficient work is performed on your house. If you want to learn more about renovation planning in Cooper City, Florida, please contact us today to set up a consultation.

Rapid Construction Logo

Why Rapid Construction?

-We have many years of experience in the office space renovations and remodeling business

-We are a Licensed and Fully Insured General Contractor

-We perform the job right the first time- there is no room for mistakes

-We offer a wide range of services and will manage your renovation project from start to finish

-Our rates are competitive- We will give you an estimation of the expected cost of the project- no hidden charges or overcharging

-We are available 24/7- We are just one call away

-We offer exceptional customer service

Hopefully, these office renovation ideas will help you transform your office into the most beautiful and inspiring working space. Don’t hesitate to call us today for the best office space renovation services in town.

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Office Renovation Ideas: Creative Ways to Renovate and Maximize Your Office Space

The kind of office space you work in can have a great impact on your employee’s productivity and your clients’ first impression on your business. Whether you’re rebranding or simply looking for a brand new look, an office renovation is a perfect opportunity to revamp your entire office space.

There are numerous office space renovation ideas, but the best ones are those that enhance the look of your office space and maximize the available space. In this article, we discuss some of the most innovative and inexpensive ways to renovate and maximize the space in your office for improved productivity, engagement, and even profitability.

Innovative Office Renovation Ideas.

1. Maximize Lighting

Bad lighting in the office directly affects work performance in your employees as it puts much strain in their eyes. This can lead to reduced productivity and of course an increased risk of eye problems and constant headaches. Installing the right lighting system is therefore crucial as it can help create a pleasant working environment for your employees.

While renovating your office space, consider including an adequate amount of fixtures to have them placed strategically to illuminate desks. At the same time, you can also plan a lighting scheme that basically brightens the office.

As a way to maximize lighting, consider combining natural lighting and artificial lighting. Numerous studies have found that natural lighting in the office space boosts morale, energy levels, and significantly reduces stress levels in employees.

Additionally, you can install mirrors and metallic surfaces to not only brighten your office space but to also to enhance its appearance.

2. Upgrade the Windows

If your office has small windows, consider installing larger windows. Larger windows will not only bring in more sunlight but will also keep the office space airier and give your employees a better view of the outdoors.

It’s possible that your old window models lack insulation. Your current office space renovation should be focused on installing newer models with good insulation features as this will mean spending less money on heating and cooling your office area.

3. Upgrade Your Office Flooring

Your office flooring endures your entire office’s traffic and reflects your company’s image and values to potential clients and visitors. If your office flooring doesn’t reflect that, then it may be time for a makeover.

Your choices are endless when it comes to picking the perfect flooring for your office. You need something that is durable, easy to clean and maintain, and of course sleek enough to match with your office décor. Some of the best office flooring options include carpets, wood flooring, vinyl, cork, and rubber floors.

4. Bring Color into Your Office Space

One of the best things about renovating your office is that it allows you to turn an inspiring office space into something that impresses your employees, visitors, and potential clients. And one of the best ways to make it happen is to bring color into your office space.

A bland office is simply a recipe for disaster. Good office colors are known to improve mood, energy, and productivity in employees. You want colors that will not just heighten mood, but colors that will also give your office a more professional and personalized look. Avoid neutral colors like white or grey- instead, go for something subtle and attractive like blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, green, and many others.

5. Rearrange Partitioning

One of the best advantages of office partitioning is that they can be easily rearranged to change the layout of your office and even make room for new changes.

before office renovationscompletion of office renovation

Maximizing Your Office Space Renovation

1.Ditch the Cubicles when renovating your Office Space

Cubicles are a thing of the past. Business looking to enhance employee interactions are ditching the cubicles and maximizing opportunities for collaborative working by designing an open office.

Rather than building individual desks and cubicles, why not have benches and large tables for employees to work in? In addition to enhancing employee collaborations, an open-office design can make your small office look larger than it really is, and this is one way to maximize your office space.

2. Make Use of Vertical Spaces

Your office may not have a lot of space to spare and for that, it’s time to make new changes with the upcoming renovation.

Consider installing custom-made wall desks with shelves and drawers for additional storage. Installing shelves attached to studs on the walls can also help maximize your office space. Desks with shelving above them also offer a creative way to maximize on storage space.

3. Get Rid of Big Desks

Big desks are nice to have in the office. But the problem is that they tend to take up much space, especially if your office is small. As part of your office renovation, consider ditching the big desk. A small desk will do the job just fine.

Getting rid of the desk will free up floor space to make room for other essentials in your office.


An office renovation isn’t just an opportunity to maximize your office space- it’s also a good way to aesthetically enhance your business while boosting your employee’s morale. Sure, office renovations don’t come cheap, but when it’s finally done, you will be happy that you took the initiative.

If you’re looking to have your office space renovated at an affordable price, we are the people to call. While you can easily perform small renovation tasks like rearranging the partitions or even painting the walls, there are some major renovations that must only be handled by a qualified and experienced general contractor. Major renovations like installing new office flooring, installing new windows or light fixtures can only be handled by experts.

We are a full-service general contractor specializing in office space renovations and remodeling /For years, we have managed to build a solid reputation by consistently offering high-quality commercial space renovation services. Whether you’re looking to rebrand or make your workplace project the perfect image, we will give your office a completely new look.

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Why Rapid Construction?

-We have many years of experience in the office space renovations and remodeling business

-We are a Licensed and Fully Insured General Contractor

-We perform the job right the first time- there is no room for mistakes

-We offer a wide range of services and will manage your renovation project from start to finish

-Our rates are competitive- We will give you an estimation of the expected cost of the project- no hidden charges or overcharging

-We are available 24/7- We are just one call away

-We offer exceptional customer service

Hopefully, these office renovation ideas will help you transform your office into the most beautiful and inspiring working space. Don’t hesitate to call us today for the best office space renovation services in town.

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A Recent Commercial Renovation | Weston, Fl

Recently, Rapid Construction completed an office renovation in the City of Weston, Florida.  This project involved a complete rebuild of the interior space and went through demolition and renovation to the client specifications.

We have prepared a video that gives an example of the type of projects that Rapid Construction can offer clients in South Florida.


This project consisted of creating a central open space and floor to ceiling glass walls throughout the core offices.  In addition, we increased the size of the bathroom, making it ADA compliant (American’s with Disability Act).

We love to handle all aspects of commercial construction projects in South Florida and are conveniently located in Broward County.

Rapid Construction is your residential and commercial South Florida General Contractor.

Call us for a free consultation and let us build your dream business office space.

Rapid Construction recently completed a Level 3 Residential Renovation. This home was located in Cooper City, Florida.  The property was completely destroyed by a structure fire.  The homeowners contacted Rapid Construction to re-build their home to the current South Florida building code standards.  This also provided an opportunity for the homeowners to upgrade many aspects of their home.


Watch our video that shows many of the before and after pictures and the process involved in rebuilding a residential home from basically the ground up. This particular house only had the exterior walls as the result of the fire.

Rapid Construction performed a Level 3 Renovation consisting of the following:

  • Demolition of the damaged structural components of the existing home
  • Installation of upgraded Impact Windows (Important especially in South Florida)
  • New Roof (South Florida Building Code approved)
  • Interior framing that allowed for an additional room
  • New electrical throughout the home
  • New appliances for the Kitchen and Laundry room
  • Modern Kitchen Renovation
  • New flooring system throughout the house consisting of tile and wood
  • Drywall rough and finish
  • Insulation throughout the structure to maximize energy efficiency
  • New efficient Air Conditioner
  • and much more…

As demonstrated in the video, Rapid Construction can handle all aspects of residential renovations.  The home in the video was completely rebuilt and required all the essential components as if you were building a new home.  Give Rapid Construction a call for a free consultation.

Footnote: For residents of South Florida; Rapid Constructions has always been the entity to rely on for home and residential remodeling. Rapid Construction brings years of experience, excellent client communication skills, an extensive portfolio, ethical business practices and stellar workmanship to the table for any variation of home or commercial space remodeling.


Selecting a Remodeling Contractor

Your home or your place of business is bound to be a space that you are possessive about; especially so, when the remodelers and builders move in. It is at this point that you are most anxious about the construction work being carried out at your place of business or your home.
It is quite possible that your anxiety stems from the unknown; questions pertaining to your remodeling or renovation vision for your home or place of business and your remodeling contractor’s ability to deliver on your vision are bound to crop up. However; you can put these concerns to rest when you hire a seasoned and skilled remodeling contractor to work on your home or your place of business.
Selecting a remodeling contractor that can deliver bang for your buck is easier said than done; taking into consideration that remodeling contractors are a dime a dozen. So how does one pick out the best from among the rest; read further for answers.


Your home and/or place of business are among the most important assets that you own. As such; you do not hand over your assets to just about anyone. When hiring remodeling contractors to recreate your home or place of business according to your vision; insist on a thorough vetting process. Without a doubt; you should be able to insist on working with remodelling contractors that have a track record for client satisfaction, understand the importance of communication with the client, have no record of unethical business practices and have a portfolio to indicate that they are the service providers to deliver the remodelled home or place of business that you are paying for.


There is no dearth of flash in the pan remodeling contractors that are here today and gone tomorrow; all the while promising outstanding remodeling services. This is exactly why you cannot afford to undervalue experience when selecting a remodeling contractor to work on your home or commercial space.

An efficient remodeling contractor will have a track record of efficiency over the course of multiple years. The very same contractor will have a reputation that attracts clients, unlike others that get by on aggressive self-promotion. Experience in providing remodeling services over a course of multiple years is indicative of consistently good performances that help a company stay afloat in a very competitive market. When vetting a remodeling contractor to take care of your residential or commercial space remodeling needs; insist on hiring remodeling contractors with a reasonable amount of experience.

Client Communication

While communicating with your remodeling contractor should be a priority from the beginning to the end of a remodeling project; your remodeling contractor should prioritize communicating with you on the same level.

A common cliché in marketing states that; ‘the client is God’ and while it may not be literally so; your remodeling contractor should understand the importance of keeping channels of communication open at all times to be able to understand and deliver your vision for your newly remodeled home or place of business.

A Portfolio

A true understanding of the skill sets and capabilities of the remodeling contractor you choose to hire; is within the pages of a portfolio. A professional portfolio is one of the most effective ways to gauge the nature of services remodeling contractors provide. A portfolio enables you to make a choice based on the ability of a remodeling contractor to deliver the aesthetics, functionality and safety requirements that you expect from your remodeled residence or place of business.

Additional points to bear in mind while selecting a remodeling contractor are…

• Work only with seasoned contractors who have built up positive working relationships with vendors and suppliers to ensure that your remodeling project is brought to fruition without interruption to construction work.

• Deal only with remodeling contractors that have a clean slate without a prior record of unethical business practices.

• Ensure that your remodeling contractor fully comprehends your vision for your remodeled home or commercial space before taking up the project.

• If available; study client reviews for an in-depth understanding of the quality of services provided by remodeling contractors that you have shortlisted for your home or commercial space remodeling project.

• It is always a good thing to have multiple options to choose from before you make the final choice from among the many remodeling contractors at your disposal.


Footnotes: For residents of South Florida; Rapid Constructions has always been the entity to rely on for home and residential remodeling. Rapid Construction brings years of experience, excellent client communication skills, an extensive portfolio, ethical business practices and stellar workmanship to the table for any variation of home or commercial space remodeling.

South Florida’s Local Renovation Contractors

Residents and business owners of South Florida are often in need of local renovation contractors; homes and commercial buildings age, are prone to damage and need repairs to meet safety regulations and for the sake of aesthetics.

Getting these renovations done as soon as possible is the joint responsibility of the property owner and a local contractor that has been hired to do the job. The property owner shoulders the financial burden of home or business place renovation while local renovation contractors take on the logistics of the project and ensure that a renovation project is brought to fruition. Understanding the responsibilities, skill sets and the obligations that a local renovation contractor in South Florida must meet when hired to carry out a renovation project is imperative.

Responsibilities of a Renovation Contractor


Local renovation contractors in South Florida have a fixed set of responsibilities however the best contractors are often flexible in terms of the services they offer to their clients. The general responsibilities of a renovation contractor are mostly managerial in nature. The renovation contractor is responsible for providing material, labor, equipment and any other services needed to successfully carry out a renovation project. Renovation contractors are responsible for working out the logistics involved in a home or commercial space renovation project, they utilize their expertise to calculate the cost of renovation including material costs, labor charges and various other costs to provide the client with a quote prior to the commencement of renovation work. Additionally, they also act as consultants for the client; clearing doubts, answer questions and providing advice pertaining to ongoing renovations projects.

The onus is on the renovation contractor to commence renovation duties on time, to regulate the flow of supplies and equipment needed for the renovation project, to manage and coordinate labor at the renovation site and to complete a renovation project on time.


While there is always a grey area wherein local renovation contractors are taking on renovation projects without legitimate licensing; it is always important to hire only licensed renovation contractors.
One must understand that prior to getting a Florida Building Contractors license in the state of Florida, an applicant must meet multiple qualification requirements. This includes having sufficient experience in the arena of home building and renovations and passing the state certification examinations. Clients can find assurance in the fact that licensed local renovation contractors have been vetted before getting state approval for carrying out renovation jobs. Once licensed; a contractor can carry out all sorts of building and renovation projects in the state of Florida including the building of commercial building, single dwelling residences, double-dwelling residences, home renovations, and commercial space renovations.

Services Offered by Renovation Contractors in South Florida

One must understand that most renovation contractors in South Florida do not limit the services they provide to renovations only. Contractors can perform residential services such as building custom homes, making major repairs and or completely renovate your home. General Contractors can also redesign commercial spaces, commercial remodeling, improving your business environment or completing remodeling your workspace. As such they cannot be strictly labeled as renovation contractors though they are often referred to as such; to put emphasis on one of the multiple services they provide. When you seek out the expertise of local renovation contractors in South Florida; it could mean that you are in need of…

• Roof removal and replacement
• Window replacement, adding impact windows especially in South Florida
• Repairs for your structural foundation; mainly limited to concrete and masonry work
• Fresh paint for walls, doors, windows or your entire house

Often times renovation overlaps with remodeling and creating additional space in a home or a business space setting and most local renovation contractors in Florida are able to take use these opportunities to further upgrade the home or business.

What to Look for in a Renovation Contractor

• It is imperative that a renovation contractor must have excellent managerial skills.

• Your contractor of choice should have the connections to ensure uninterrupted supply of labor, materials, and equipment to get a renovation project done on time.

• Work only with licensed Florida building contractors to ensure that you are hiring a professional who is vetted and certified by the state of Florida. For example, Rapid Construction’s is a licensed General Contractor CGC1522021

• Excellent communication skills is a great quality to look for in local renovation contractor. This is imperative to ensure that your contractor understands your renovation needs and delivers accordingly.


Foot Notes: Rapid Constructions is one of the leading general contractors in South Florida; encompassing all the attributes, qualities and qualifications required from legitimate and efficient local renovation contractors in South Florida. Make sure to check our video on the benefits of impact windows produced by Rapid Construction.  Call Rapid Construction for your free consultation 954-324-2390

2018 Hurricane Preparedness Update

Fortunately, the one thing about a hurricanes is that we now have advanced notice and can be prepared well in advance of an approaching significant hurricane.  This provides us with adequate time to board up our windows, purchase fuel, stock up on groceries and water and do any last minute preparations. However, many people simply wait to the last minute and often times find themselves scrabbling for plywood at Home Depot or Lowes.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Hurricane and Flood Concerns

There are many concerns that a hurricane brings to South Florida.  Whether it is flooding in areas of Dade-County, Miami, washing away of the beach in Fort Lauderdale or causing structural damage in Palm Beach County we need to take all of these possibilities into account when planning.  The proper planning can make a big difference in protecting both property and wellness.  We often don’t worry about floods causing more than structural damage but floods are actually the cause of many deaths throughout the United States.  Floods cause a mean of 100 deaths every year in the U.S. alone. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do to prevent rising water.  The South Florida Water Management District does all it can to control the tide of flood water. However, there is only so much they can do since there is only so many places you can direct the water. We have all seen the images of other parts of our Country were people have had to take refuge on the roof of their homes.

Loss of Power during Hurricanes

The significant effects of hurricanes are high winds and a lot of rain.  We all see that our power distribution system that is provided by Florida Power Light (FPL) are vulnerable to falling tree.   We have lost power from tropical storms so it isn’t unusual to be without power for a couple days do to a category 2 or greater hurricane.  Call Rapid Construction at 954-324-2390 and ask us about installing a whole house generator. This type of generators have come way down in price and can provide you with continuous power during and more importantly after the hurricane has dissipated.  Being without power when our temperatures can reach 90 plus Fahrenheit can endanger the lives of both humans and pets.  We have unfortunately witnessed the tragic results of people incorrectly wiring their own generators or placing their generators inside their home.  Always remember to place your generator outside your home at least 15 feet from any window, door, or opening that might cause the deadly exhaust to seep into your home.  Again, it is never acceptable to run a generator inside your home or garage!

Flood damage from a storm or hurricane

The very low price of expert flood restoration service is much less than the general price tag of long-term moisture in a building. Don’t let the water sit in your house for long!  Call an expert company like Rapid Construction to remove the water and start the repair process immediately.  You are causing exponentially more damage to your home the longer you let the water rest and “wick” up the walls, furniture, insulation and structural components that will mold or rust.

Hurricane Shutters and Impact Windows

You really only have four choices to protect your windows in South Florida.

  1. You can purchase plywood and secure it by screws or nails onto your house.
  2. You can purchase hurricane shutters. In general, you must keep in mind that rolling hurricane shutters have the greatest initial cost, but offer the very best protection that can be found on the market. Then let’s look at the entire cost for repairs versus the sum of your insurance deductible. Storm shutters are another means to protect glass windows.
  3. You can upgrade your windows to impact windows. We recently did a full review that you can watch here, it was entitled “The Benefits of Impact Windows“.
  4. Do nothing and hope that the storm doesn’t damage your house.  We don’t recommend this option!

There are many ways you can prepare your home in advance of a hurricane.  Removing debris or objects that fly into your home is a great start.  We recommend that you talk with your neighbors to see how you can collectively help each other.  We have even issued portable “walkie talkie” two way radios to friends and family in the area so that they could communicate with each other during the storm.  Being able to communicate during the storm is vital and having two way radios is an excellent method of communicating with each other even when cell phone service goes down.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or recommendations for our upcoming hurricane season.

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Benefits of impact windows in South Florida


PGT does a fantastic job, they’ve been in Florida  for a very long time.

The windows that they offer in the hurricane series, they make two different lines  of impact windows, the one I’m showing here today  is an aluminum frame that’s called  “The WinGuard Aluminum”  and they also make a vinyl window, the vinyl windows they’re offered  with a lifetime warranty  completely cover the glass, the frame  and all the mechanisms  for the lifetime of the window.

Different type of impact windows – Impact and Impact insulated windows

The aluminum series window  come with two different variations of warranty, they come with a simple  – a standard impact window comes with  a one year warranty  covers the mechanisms and the glass  and this window that I’m showing you today  is actually an insulated glass window, this window comes with a ten year warranty.

The reason they give you  a longer warranty on these windows, this window is very popular up north, it’s a duo pane style window, what that means is  it has an impact piece of glass, in front of that impact piece of glass  is a space filled with argon, argon displaces oxygen and also moisture  and argon is a poor transmitter of heat  and they sandwich that in between  an additional piece of glass on the outside.

What that does is, it actually increases the insulating value of your impact windows, so you’re getting your round benefits  when you upgrade to not only an impact window  but an insulated glass impact window.

Generally, when we order these windows  what we’ll do is we’ll have them  coat the outside of the window  with Low-E coating, it’s maybe hard to tell on camera  but if you’d look at this window from the outside, it actually has a slight green tint to it.

Energy Efficiency in impact insulated windows

PGT offers this coating, it’s their highest level of Low-E coating, it’s called Solar Pane 70, that offers ultraviolet reflectivity, so very popular, your home in south Florida, we weren’t thinking about  not only upgrading for hurricane purposes  but you also want to consider  the daily benefits of impact windows.

So what are those daily benefits? Again with a standard impact window, you’re getting security, you’re getting sound reduction, you’re getting a slight thermal value  which means you don’t get the heat transferred  through the glass as you would  a standard non-impact window.

You’re also getting a higher strength  wind resistance which is how impact windows, one of the ways impact windows are rated.

So you may ask, so what does that all boil down to? Well, we all understand impact windows  but I think a large majority of people  don’t understand the benefits  that they offer every day.

If you have a standard window  and a burglar wants to break in, it’s very simple, they crack the glass, stick their hand and open the lock and in they are.

With our impact glass window, not the case, they may be able to  break the window but the likelihood  of them getting in is significantly reduced, the way the glass attached to the frame, it’s not going to separate, they’re not going to be able to  simply push it in because of the lamination  of the impact window.

However, like I said, one of the biggest benefits to go into  an impact window with insulated glass  which is what this window is, is it offers you an insulation value.

So up north they were very popular, people that are from up north  know that they have duo pane windows, what that does is when it’s cold outside, it keeps the cold from coming in  through the window and in to your house  and increasing your energy bill, the heating bill while works exactly  the opposite in south Florida, we have such a high level of heat  and ultraviolet rays from the sun  being so close to the Equator  that we actually get ultraviolet rays  that penetrate the window  and heat up the inside of your house.

When you upgrade your window  to an impact window, that’s an insulated glass  and has this additional coating  of Low-E on the outside, those ultraviolet rays reflect  so you don’t get the heating  of the material inside your house, the heat doesn’t transmit  through the window as well, it actually has an R value  for people that are up on what R value is, that’s an insulation value, like we put insulation in your attic, they’re rated R-9, R-19, R-30.

This window is so good at reducing heat, it actually equivalents to an R-value.

One of the biggest benefits , fringe benefits, I like to say, is the amount it reduces inside your house.

When you put these windows in, the sound just like the ultraviolet light  is often reflected, it doesn’t transmit, reverberate through the piece of glass, through the dead space of the argon  and then through the impact glass  on the inside into your house, make sure home much much quitter.

So you get all those benefits, security, temperature,  hurricane resistance impact, there is no need to  cover these windows with shutters, with accordions, with panels, with wood, they meet the same standard  that all of those products do, that’s how they’re tested, they shoot a 2 × 4 at this window, very similarly the way they shoot it  at a standard accordion awning  or at aluminum panel shutter  that goes over your window, they meet the same test, that’s what qualifies them.

So they’re great products, well worth the investment in your home, if you’re planning on being their a long time, I would not only recommend  upgrading to an impact window  but also an insulated glass window with a Low-E, get the highest efficiency, make your home as efficient as you can.

They do qualify for tax rebates  based on their energy efficiency rating, they’re a great product, PGT happens to be the brand that I like the most, I’ve had a lot of experience with them, the quality, the warranty, the reputation all hold through with the product.

But there are other brands out there, some people prefer different lines  and that’s okay as well, sometimes that boils down to price  and we all understand price is important  but sometimes you get what you pay for  and the quality, the craftsmanship of this product  is one of my favorites  that I’ve seen on the market.

The do like I want to show you, they do make the windows in two different qualities, this is an aluminum frame window, the other available style is a vinyl frame window, the vinyl frame window will actually  also increase your energy efficiency rating  because the vinyl doesn’t transmit heat  quite as much as the aluminum.


Impact windows that match every style of home and decor.

They’re beautiful for whatever  décor matches your home.

So something to consider  if you’re a south Florida resident, you’ve been through any of the recent storms, you know what a hassle it is, if you don’t have impact windows, putting up shutters and putting up panels  and climbing on ladders and screws  and all the problems that come along with that, this is priceless protection right here  and you have nothing to worry about  and you don’t have a dark home, during the storm you can see what’s going on  and know that you and your family  are going to be safe once these are installed.

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Non-Impact Sliding Doors

Sliding doors were once the main type of doors that led outside to many South Florida homes. Non-impact sliding glass doors were especially the type of door that were installed in many Floridian style homes and if you had a wooden or metal pole in the track of your sliding glass door you felt secured and protected.  These older type of residential doors are still in many homes and are frequently the weakest door in your house from both a security and storm resistance point of view. There are many reasons why you should consider replacing these doors and now is great time to upgrade your home because the price of impact doors and windows has decreased over the years and there are many benefits that will further reduce the expense.  These benefits range from better interior climate control to reduction in homeowners insurance and less potential damage in the event of a tropical depression or hurricane in South Florida.

New Impact Rated Doors

A lot has changed over the years and while sliding glass doors have gone in and out of style, the need for storm windows and doors have become more apparent in recent years.  Rapid Construction is a South Florida based company that knows first-hand the power of hurricanes, severe thunderstorms and tropical depressions that sweep though Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.   Fortunately, programs such as Ygrene now provide an affordable method of acquiring hurricane rated doors and windows to many South Floridians. 

Benefits of Impact Doors

The impact doors you decide on can be customized to your exact requirements. There are now many styles of impact doors that you can choose from.  Many of the newer styles have esthetic accents that will blend perfectly with your home décor.  One of the first things you may notice after an impact door or window is installed is how much quieter your house becomes.  The insulation and thickness of the glass also significantly reduces noises from outside. In addition to dampening the noise you immediately get the feel of additional security. Simply tapping on the glass of an impact door or window will reveal a distinct sound difference as compared to a non-impact door or window.

Hurricane Protection for your South Florida Home

When it comes to protected your house from hurricane force winds, we suggest you view some videos on YouTube that demonstrate the ability to stop flying projectiles from breaking your windows and causing a devasting change in pressure which may actually lift your roof from house.  When you have impact doors and windows you are preventing this potential change in pressure and also preventing the elements from causing water damage.  Some examples of the roofs being lifted are shown below and were the primary cause of many changes to the South Florida Building Code. The current South Florida Building code now requires what is commonly referred to as “hurricane strapping your trusses” to essentially anchor the structural roof truss to the tie beam of your home. 

Rapid Construction of Cooper City

The doors that Rapid Construction recommends give the finest quality, and are supplied by only the most reputable companies that are fast and dependable. You can also select an impact rated French door, that will have all the same benefits and be just as energy efficient. 

Give Rapid Construction a call when you are ready to upgrade your home or if you have any questions about our partnership with Ygrene.  We offer a free consultation and are ready to get you prepared for another hurricane season. Make sure to check out our other article about preparing your house for the 2018 Florida Hurricane season.


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